Labour meltdown on Europe

I am heading to mainland Europe today, so I don’t have time to write a developed post on the disaster that UK Labour policy on Brexit has become in the last 48 hours. I’m glad Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones has made clear the position of the Welsh Labour Welsh Government. Here are a few bullet points:

  • Though it didn’t do far enough for me – I want the final Brexit terms put back to the people in a referendum – Keir Starmer with his six points was mapping out a route for Labour to vote down an inadequate Brexit outcome in Parliament
  • It’s become obvious that the Tories are in complete disarray on Europe
  • A united Labour could have united the country against them, as I argued in the New European the week after the election – hereĀ Uniting the UK.docx
  • Labour voters are overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in European Union, as today’s Yougov poll shows
  • So Corbyn’s interview on Sunday, and Barry Gardiner’s idiotic opinion piece in the Guardian, have managed to undermine Keir Starmer, alienate the vast majority of Labour voters, and split the Labour Party
  • Chuka Umuna is showing good social media leadership on this issue, and the PLP needs to demonstrate that it won’t accept hard Brexit.
  • If the PLP won’t stand up to Corbyn/Gardiner on this, then Welsh Labour should split from UK Labour.

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