The Full FoI Request to Cardiff University

As I revealed a couple of weeks back, Cardiff University received some malicious FoI requests designed to undermine my reputation. The full FOI requests have been released by Cardiff University to a journalist, so I am publishing them here without comment.

Dear Professor Andrews,

As requested, please find below the FoI questions followed by the responses:

  1. All communication from or to Leighton Andrews mentioning the words:

Carl Sargeant,



Carwyn Jones,


Matt Greenough,


Cathy Owens,

Jo Kiernan,

James Hamilton,









I would like this information for the time period from November 5th 2017.

  1. I am making a freedom of information request for any information you hold since November 5th 2017:

1) Any communication between Leighton Andrews and officials of foreign governments

2) Any communication between Leighton Andrews and political consultants registered with the APPC

3)Any communication between Leighton Andrews and current members of the Welsh Assembly and current employees of the Welsh Government

4)Any communication between Leighton Andrews and personal email addresses (for example but not limited to –,,, etc)

3. I would like to know details of any disciplinary investigations and/or sanctions involving Leighton Andrews, details of any complaints made against him and details of all complaints raised formally or informally by him since January 1st 2017.

I make this request under the freedom of information act.

4. Could I please request under the freedom of information act, Leighton Andrews’s diary since November 5th this year and details and content of any communication – text, emails, calls, WhatsApp messages – between Leighton Andrews and employees of Wales Online/Media Wales/Western Mail, BBC, ITV, Golwg, The Times, The Daily Mail, Guido Fawkes and Skwawkbox since November 3rd 2017.

5.Please provide any communications relating to Leighton Andrews’ behaviour and public comments since November 5th 2017, details of all meetings between Leighton Andrews and his superiors (both departmental and within the wider organisational structure) since November 5th 2017, and all communications relating to either permission or requests to allow Leighton Andrews to conduct non-university business during normal working hours since November 5th 2017.

6.Please provide (under the Freedom of Information Act), any communications, notes or minutes relating to the commercial, financial or organisational impact on the university of Leighton Andrews’ recent public comments since the beginning of November 2017.

I would also like copies of any communications between Leighton Andrews and email addresses ending in,,,, and


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